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      1. Mail:zcjm003@zcjmw.comTel:0512-52856356

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        Standard chemicals

        Non-standard customized/mixed business

        Small package packaging business

        Fluorine chemicals

        Paper chemicals

        Sewage treatment chemicals

        "Quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty", as Jack Welch said, quality is an effective means of competition in the enterprise market, is the fundamental guarantee for the users, the maintenance of customers, the occupation of the market and the development of enterprises.

        Integrity is the road, along with the footsteps of the pioneers; integrity is wisdom, with the learning of the learning of the accumulation; integrity is a success, with the struggle of the struggle approaching; integrity is the seed of wealth, as long as you are sincere, you can find the key to open the vault.

        Unity is power. Unity will form a resultant force and a cohesive force. Unity requires broad-mindedness, broad-mindedness and overall interests; unity requires leniency, strict discipline and mutual understanding.

        Quality is the foundation of safety and safety is the precondition of production. With the company management policy of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of quality and sincere service to customers, we have always maintained close contact with customers.

        We strive to provide technology leading products, constantly improve our product service and innovation, provide solutions for the most urgent problems today, and seek efficient and safe process, ensure the environmental protection of R & D activities, ensure the occupational health and safety of the employees, reduce the waste of resources and reduce the cost.

        We have a perfect after-sales service system, the professional team quickly respond to ensure that you use no worries; our after-sales service concept is to ensure the quality of service to meet customer needs. ".

        Changshu Zhongchang Economic and Trade Co.ltd.

        Changshu Zhongchang Economic and Trade Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1997 with register capital of RMB 4.8 million Yuan. It is located in beautiful Changshu city, close to Shanghai and Suzhou city. It is engaged in chemical trade and physical distribution. Main products: propylene glycol, dimethyl carbonate, dichloromethane, cyclohexanone, ethylic acid, acetic anhydride, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, tetrahydrofuran, epoxypropane, caustic soda liquid, hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium sulfite (solid, liquid), potassium bifluoride, sodium fluoride, potassium hydroxide, rosin, oil of turpentine, dipentene, special paraffin and emulsifying wax etc. Its warehouse is distributed in Kunshan and Changshu of Jiangsu Province. It enjoys complete certification, excellent storage condition and superior geographical location. Meanwhile, there is convenient transportation condition. Relying on dedicated use tank car, Hu-Ning highway, Jing-Hu highway, Yanjiang highway and golden waterway of Yangtze River, products have been distributed to East China and Middle China regions. In addition, it has built stable and long-term cooperation with many agency and customers. Due to convenient transportation, complete specificatio......

        Add:Huanghe Road Changshu City,Jiangsu Province,No.12,Block B,International Trade Centre,602

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